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Understanding Our Fees

CBD Skin Cancer Clinic is a private billing medical clinic.

Standard Skin Check Consultations take approximately 15 to 20 minutes at the cost of $180.00.

General Practice Consultations are $125.00.

Long Consultations or additional treatments are sometimes required. This can be discussed with your doctor at the time of your initial consultation. This will incur a higher fee and higher Medicare rebate will be applicable.

Medicare Rebates are available for all consultations and most procedures we perform.

Telehealth Consultations are available for existing patients upon request and are bulk billed.

Procedures such as biopsies and excisions can vary in cost depending upon the type and location on the body. If a procedure or biopsy is recommended by one of our doctors and you would like a quote, please request this before you present for this appointment, via phone at: 02 9299 7777 or by email at: