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About Treatments

The vast majority of skin cancers, once diagnosed, simply require removal or excision. This is done by cutting the skin around the cancer under local anaesthetic. Most excisions are simple and quick. A few stitches are placed in the skin and these are removed a week or two later. In most cases this is curative and nothing further needs to be done. Occasionally it might be necessary to excise a further piece of skin to ensure the cancer is fully removed. All specimens taken at our clinic will be sent for examination and analysis by a pathologist to determine if all the cancer has been removed.

As far as melanomas are concerned, excision is the only treatment. Excision for treatment of melanomas must be done as early as possible and with a correct margin to provide the best chance of cure. Most melanomas detected at skin cancer clinics are cured. The key is to make the diagnosis early. Remember, early detection is the best protection.

If you have any suspicions about a mole or other spot on your skin,
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